Chapter 18 - Chapter 18 1 List the major components of...

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Chapter 18 1. List the major components of municipal solid waster (MSW), -35.2% paper / paperboard, 12.1% yard waste, 11.7% food waster. 11.3% plastics, 8% metals, 7.4% rubber / leather / textiles, 5% wood, 5/3% grass, 3.4% other. 2. Trace the historical development of refuse disposal. What percentage, how much goes to landfills, combustion and recycling? -Until the 1960s, most MSW was burned in open dumps or incinerator/ furnaces. Now 55.4% is disposed in landfills, 30.6% is recovered for recycling / composting, and the remaining 14% is incinerated. However, recycling is on a steady rise. 3. What are the major problems with placing waste in landfills? How can these problems be managed? PROBLEMS: -Leachate generation and groundwater contamination -Methane generation -incomplete decomposition -settling IMPROVEMENTS: -Put new landfills on high ground and well above water table and away from airports. -Contour the floors so liquid will run into a tile leachate collection system while the sides are lined with plastic and compacted soil -The entire landfill is surrounded by groundwater-monitoring systems that have to be monitored continually. 4. Explain the difficulties accompanying landfill sitting and outsourcing. How can these processes be handled responsibly? -As old landfills are closed, it has become more difficult to find space for new landfills. When space is found, occasionally people must be relocated. People who live near landfills are c of the odor and heavy truck traffic. Outsourcing is the
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Chapter 18 - Chapter 18 1 List the major components of...

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