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Lecture 2 Understanding Law(1)

Classifications of law classifications criminal law

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Unformatted text preview: ssifications of Law Classifications Criminal Law and Civil (Private) Law Criminal Law defines what activities constitute crimes Criminal and punishes those who commit these crimes and the rationale is to deter people from committing crimes the Summary offences and indictable offences Summary Proceedings brought by the Secretary for Justice Proceedings The presumption of innocence Standard of proof: beyond reasonable doubt A product of common law Classifications of Law Classifications Civil Law (Private Law) Civil law governs the legal rights and Civil obligations between private individuals obligations Civil law is concerned with compensation Civil Proceedings brought by individuals Proceedings Comprises of the following major branches of Comprises law: property law, family law, contract law and tort law tort Classifications – Civil Law Classifications Aims: to help parties enter into transactions to to give legal status to define the legal obligations of the parties Standard of proof: balance of probability Contract law is concerned with rights and obligations arising from a legally enforceable agreement between the parties to a dispute agreement Tort law is concerned with obligations that we Tort owe to the community...
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