Lecture 2 Understanding Law(1)

The the following following decisions by the police

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Unformatted text preview: e The following: following: decisions by the police as to whether or not to decisions arrest, to investigate a crime or to oppose bail arrest, decisions by the prosecutors as to what crimes decisions are to be charged or whether to proceed with a prosecution at all prosecution decisions by judges as to whether something is decisions “reasonable” or what punishment to be imposed or the damages to be awarded or Classifications of Law Classifications National Law and International Law National Law applies within a nation National International Law governs the relations between International nations e.g. between China and the United Kingdom. This is called Public International Law Kingdom. Private International Law is a branch of law which Private determines which national law applies to a particular dispute and which country’s court shall hear it Classifications of Law Classifications Public and Private Law Public Public Law deals with the relationships and Public conflicts where one of the parties is the State Private Law deals with the legal relationships and the conflicts that arise between private individuals individuals Private Law includes contract law, property Private law, company law and family law law, Classifications of Law Classifications Substantive and Procedural Law Substantive Laws are rules that govern the legal Substantive relationships between individuals (e.g...
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