Chapter 20 - Chapter 20 1. Explain the possible connection...

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Chapter 20 1. Explain the possible connection between intense hurricanes and the effects of current warming. The trend if increasing numbers of category 4 and 5 hurricanes coincides with the trend of rises in sea surface temperatures in tropical seas. The oceans have been absorbing the increasing amounts of heat energy that result from the greenhouse effect. The higher sea surface temperatures result in more water vapor in the air which leads to rising columns of air that can be set spinning by the Coriolis effect. 2. What are the important characteristics of the troposphere? The stratosphere? · Troposphere = It ranges in thickness from 10 miles in the tropics to 5 miles in regions of higher altitude. It has practically all of the water vapor and clouds in the atmosphere and it’s the sight of almost all weather. This layer gets colder with altitude. Pollutants can reach the top of the troposphere in a couple days. · Stratosphere = It’s about 40 miles in above the Earth’s surface and contains the ozone shield. The temperature increases with altitude. Once pollutants reach the stratosphere they can stay there for a long time. 3. How does solar radiation create our weather patterns? Much incoming radiation from the sun is reflected back into space (30%), but the rest is absorbed by land and the atmosphere (70%). It then creates weather and fuels photosynthesis. Eventually the absorbed energy is radiated back to space as infrared energy. 4. What has been discovered about global climate trends in the past? What is the contemporary trend showing? Since 1880, the global average temperature has shown periods of cooling and warming, but in general, it has increased by .8o Celsius. During the 20th century, there were two warming trends: once from 1910-1945 and the most recent from 1976 to the present 5. What is the conveyor system? How doe sit work? How does it connect with global warming? The conveyer system is the giant pattern of oceanic currents that moves water masses
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Chapter 20 - Chapter 20 1. Explain the possible connection...

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