Project - Amanda Mikhail ST110 Project 1. This article is...

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Amanda Mikhail ST110 Project 1. This article is an experimental study of the effect of competition on task performance. The writer compares statistics of work produced without any induced competition with statistics of work produced with competition. The subjects were given two separate tasks. In the first, they were instructed to efficiently produce their work with no type of competition in mind. In the second, they were instructed to compete and try to surpass their fellow workers. This experiment was done in both an individual and a group setting. All of the work produced was graded according to quality and quantity. The total number of errors, omissions and letters in the work produced determined quantity. Quality was determined by objective grading, on a scale of 1-10, by the writer. The quality of each separate work was graded twice in ensure the objectivity of the writer and to ascertain that a continuous practice of this work did not have an effect on quality. A statistic was also taken in relation to each individual’s personal performance and whether or not it changed due to a competitive or non-competitive atmosphere. The main results, found on page 253, ultimately illustrate that competition does, indeed, have an effect on performance. Generally, though more work is done during competition, the work done has a lower value of quality. In competition, one will commonly concentrate on speed, or the amount of time in which work is completed,
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Project - Amanda Mikhail ST110 Project 1. This article is...

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