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GOVT 2306 Term: Fall 2 - 2020 Professor Dodd
PSCI 2306 Texas Government Course Project Writing Analysis Within this writing assignment, I will be analyzing in-depth two of the State of Texas's different political bodies that helped shape the local and state government. The two political bodies I will be analyzing are Texas interest groups and our state local government. This paper will consist of what I have learned from both entities thus far while analyzing some of their ideas, structures, procedures, and the overall processes of how these two political bodies operate within our society. Lastly, I will explain what I have learned and how I can use this information to better myself and the people around me as well. The connection between my knowledge and what I have learned. For starters, my opinion of national and/or state government was never of importance to me personally. I never really thought about what, how, and why our government performed their duties at various levels the way they do and why there seem to be consistent issues within the different parties when discussing multiple political issues. Once I joined the military after September 11th in 2002, that is when my perspective changed a bit towards what I thought. The amount of political bias I experienced within the military made me not like politics even more and I avoid speaking or even viewing anything political related. But as of late, my views on the political home front have changed a lot and I know I need to pay more attention to the multitude of issues that our country has been experiencing. However, for my overall views to change, I need to understand how local and state governments operate and why they do what they do for our state. So, I will be going over in this section some of the topics I did not know and what I took away from getting to know these topics.