ESciChap8 - 1. Name and describe and the properties of the...

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1. Name and describe and the properties of the three main soil textures. Sand-particles from 2.0-.02mm in size Silt – particles from .02-.002mm Clay – anything smaller/finer than .002mm 2. What are the different layers, or horizons, that compose the soil profile? What makes each one distinct from the others? O Horizon – humus; surface litter, decomposing plant matter A-horizon – topsoil’ mixed humus and leached mineral soil E-horizon – zone of leaching; less humus and minerals resistant to leaching. B-horizon – subsoil; accumulation of leached minerals D-horizon – weathered parent material; partly broken down minerals 3. Name and describe the four major soil orders listed in this chapter. Where are they mainly found? Mollisols –have deep A-horizon and lots of humus fertile, dank soil and best agricultural soils. Found mostly in temperate grassland viomes such Oxisols – The soil of the tropical rainforests have layer of iron & aluminum oxides & little O-horizon. Not good for crop growth because most minerals are in plant matter. Alfisols- found in moist temperature forest biomes. It’s not deep. But the O, A, E & B horizons are well developed. If supplemented with fertilizers they’re good for agriculture.
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Aridosols – found in drylands & deserts, lack of plant growth means they’re relatively unstructured vertically & very , very thin and light- colored. 4. What are the main things that plant roots must obtain from the soil? Name and describe a process (natural or unnatural) that can keep plants from obtaining the amounts of each of these things they need for survival. Plants must get mineral nutrients, water, and air leaching is when the
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ESciChap8 - 1. Name and describe and the properties of the...

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