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Warrior Woman Essay1 - Dunbar Patrick Dunbar Suzanne Jamir...

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Dunbar Patrick Dunbar Suzanne Jamir ENC 1102 6 February 2008 No Name Woman: A True Warrior Picture a farmhouse. Picture a woman, a nameless woman. Why is she nameless? Is she unimportant? She could be mysterious, or misunderstood. This so-called “warrior” can be seen in many ways, but the only way I see her is a broken woman. She is important in the sense of a mother’s lesson to a daughter; however, she is also unimportant to the family who pretends she never existed. It takes a lot to keep your pride when you are shunned by your family and community. It takes a real warrior to carry the stress of being raped, or to hide a love for a secret someone that remains a mystery forever. We, as readers, do not know a lot about this nameless relative. She was Chinese, married, and carried the child of a man who was not her husband. We also know she drowned herself and the baby in the family well. What we look for in our reading is the person behind the sin. What was her personality? Who was the mystery man she never spoke of? Why is this broken woman full of secrets? My mind tells me she is a multi-dimensional woman who only tried to keep her pride in a horrible situation. It is my belief that Kingston’s aunt was hiding a lover. If she had been raped, she might have eventually told someone. Since “the village housed no strangers” (Kingston 6), we know that she knew the man, and it would not be hard to identify her rapist. She loved this secret man before she was married, and because of money or status, she was required to marry another man. 1
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Dunbar My cousin, Amelia, went through a similar situation as the aunt in Woman Warrior . She had an affair and got pregnant while her husband was stationed in Baghdad. I discovered this
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Warrior Woman Essay1 - Dunbar Patrick Dunbar Suzanne Jamir...

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