In America roughly 16

In America roughly 16 - Amundson 1 Jessica Amundson Nina...

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Amundson 1 Jessica Amundson Nina Alton WRIT 1301-013 6 March 2008 Values in My Super Sweet 16 In America roughly 16% of Americans are either located in the upper middle class or upper class , thus making anywhere from $100,000 to 500,000+ per year according to William Thompson and Joseph Hickley’s 2005 class statistics. The other 84% consist of America’s lower middle class , working class, and the underclass. Thus , it would most certainly be said that the majority of Americans are in the middle class and/or lower . Despite these sociological facts , our media, being nearly driven by celebrities , fame, and fortune, tends to keeps its primary focus on just that, the upper class . In the beginning of 2005 , MTV launched its hit series My Super Sweet 16 , in which viewers are brought into the life of “rich” teenagers, who spend $100 ,000 to $200 ,000 of their parent’s money on their extravagant, celebrity-fit sixteenth birthday parties . By examining the show itself , viewers are brought into a small percentile of America , thus a viewer who were to solely watch My Super Sweet 16, would only get a glimpse of America . This relates to the fact that this reality TV show can hardly represent the real America , but on the contrary may be beginning to shine light on American values . In a more recent episode of My Super Sweet 16 , viewers are introduced to Alex, a soon to be 16 year old whose parents spend more money on her one night birthday bash
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Amundson 2 than the average American’s yearly income . With a pre-party at one of her parents bars , a VIP audition , an extravagant party themed “seven deadliest sins,” and to top it off a brand new BMW , this 16 year old had beyond that of a sweet 16, but more of a day in the life of the media’s top-notch celebrities
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In America roughly 16 - Amundson 1 Jessica Amundson Nina...

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