ESciChap10 - 1 Define biological wealth and apply the...

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1. Define biological wealth and apply the concept to the human use of that wealth. Biological wealth is natural species of living things that are responsible for the structure and maintenance of all ecosystems. It’s most ecosystem capital that sustains human life/economic activity with goods and services. 2. Compare instrumental value and intrinsic value as they relate to determining the worth of natural species. Instrumental value is when a species has instrumental value if its existence benefits some other entity. Most of the time instrumental value is anthropocentric. Intrinsic value is “value for its own sake”; doesn’t have to be useful to us to have value. 3. What are the four categories into which the human valuing of natural species can be divided? Give examples of each one. Agriculture, forestry, aquaculture, animal husbandry (wild genes new food plants pests). Medicine/pharmaceuticals ethnobotany Recreational, aesthetic and scientific value ecotourism Instrinsic religious support/thoughts 4. What means are used to protect game species, and what are some problems emerging from the adaptations of many game species to the humanized environment? State governments backed up by federal governments enacted laws establishing hunting seasons and bagging limits and hired wardens to
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enforce. Some species were even given complete protection. But there
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ESciChap10 - 1 Define biological wealth and apply the...

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