ESciChap11 - Chapter 11 1. What were the problems in the...

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Chapter 11 1. What were the problems in the Pacific halibut fishery, and how were they resolved? Since the season was short the intensive fishing led to lost and damaged gear and endangered the crew and vessels as they fished in spite of adverse weather conditions. They resolved the issue with Individual quota (IQ). Owners of fishing vessels would be allocated a percentage of the annual TAC based on the size of their vessel and their recent fishing performance. Then they could decide when to fish within a season that lasted as long as eight months. Entry into the fishery was extremely limited. 2. Under what conditions will a natural area receive protection? A natural area will receive protection only if the value a society assigns to services provided in its natural state is higher than the value the society assigns to converting it to a more direct human use. 3. Compare the concepts of ecosystem capital with that of natural resources . What do the two reveal about values? Ecosystem capital is the term used in order to avoid mixing with natural resources, which loses sight of the ecological value. 4. Compare and contrast the terms conservation and preservation . Conservation is the management of a resource in such a way as to assure that it will continue to provide maximum benefit to humans over the long run whereas preservation is ensuring the continuity of species and ecosystems regardless of their potential utility. 5. Differentiate between consumptive use and productive use . Give examples of each. Consumptive use is when people harvest natural resources in order to provide for their needs for food, shelter, tools, fuel, and clothing. An example is when a hunter brings home wild game, which is an important
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ESciChap11 - Chapter 11 1. What were the problems in the...

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