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Government - institutions/process by which public policies are made Politics - who gets what, when, and how Federalism - two levels of gov’t have authority; shared power Democracy - policymakers and gov’t represents and responds to public pref. Unitary - all power resides in centrail gov’t (great Britain) Constitution - nation’s basic laws; authority; institutions, citizen guar. Connecticut compromise - est. 2 houses Senate and house of rep. New Jersey Plan - Called for equal representation (Senate) Virginia plan - proposal that each state has representation proportional to us pop. Implied powers - powers of the gov’t that are not mentioned in the const. Slander - spoken false or malicious statements Libel - publications that have false or malicious statements Enumerated powers - powers of gov’t specifically stated in constitution Articles of confederation - 1rst const. of U.S.; adopted 1777,81, legis. Cong… Civil liberties - legal protection against gov’t; (Bill of rights) Civil Rights
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