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Social Foundations December 13, 2007 Chapter 10 In chapter 10, Teaching in a Public Institution: The Professionalization Movement, issues raised in Chapter 3 on schooling as a public institution is examined in a contemporary perspective. The meaning of the “professionalism” movement to improve schools by improving teachers and teacher preparation is explored. The question on whether teaching is a profession is also raised. The chapter says that unlike other occupations called professions, teaching serves the entire childhood and youth population and is both publicly funded and publicly controlled. In chapter 3 we saw how Horace Mann pushed the idea of having teaching becoming professionalized. Normal schools were created to change the way teachers taught and how schools should be governed to improve schooling. Mann proposed that teachers should highly skilled to provide high quality education. He also sought to establish a moral code of behavior and standardize both the content and conduct of schooling through the state board of education. These proposals basically lay the foundation for teaching as a profession. Reformer John Goodland, on the other hand, felt that teaching was nowhere near professional because he felt teachers were poor prepared. This didn’t fit the idea of professionalism. Teaching is compared to other professions, and “it fails to measure up in several ways.” Apparently, the quality of the raw materials, the quality of the processing, and the quality of the
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teacherprofessionalism - Elisabeth Quispe Social...

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