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dominant ideology - Elisabeth Quispe Social Foundations...

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1Elisabeth Quispe Social Foundations September 11, 2007 Dominant Ideology and the Teacher’s Authority. As future educators, we are expected to have a dominant ideology once we entered into the classroom. Since we are the dominant and authority figure, it is our duty to educate the remaining social classes as much of an education as their socio-economics can allow them to. However, this theory is wrong; proven by Steve Tozer, the author of “Dominant Ideology and the Teacher’s Authority.” Dominant Ideology, according to Tozer, is the educational perspective of beliefs and values of the dominant social class. For example, one perspective is the competition of grades. Although it seemed to be an equal opportunity for everyone to earn great grades, it can sometimes be impossible as the socio-economic backgrounds can interfere. With that in mind, it allows the lower class to act in a subordinate position. However, as the authority of the classroom, Tozer believes that the teachers can act out against this pedagogy instead being helpless bystanders to this social injustice. Nevertheless, as educators, we are put into a difficult position as our authority is questioned due to the ideology of the textbooks and schooling practices. Since this has become a question of morality vs. popular values, Tozer has simplified the authority dimensions in order to see which is the best option. One authority dimension is Using the Authority of
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dominant ideology - Elisabeth Quispe Social Foundations...

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