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Cognitive Complexity paper By Anthony Pugliese I think this is an actual theory that we all see in our daily lives, but maybe just do not realize it. For example, I take a political diversity class so one easy and clear example of a subject regarding people with or without cognitive complexity could be racism. For those with little cognitive complexity they may only see black or white. From what their cognitive complexity allows them to see, black or white, will then lead them to stereotyping and categorization. However, those with high cognitive complexity would be able to pinpoint and identify much more about someone then just their skin color. So for me after I meet a person, I am able to say a lot more then he was black or she was
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Unformatted text preview: white. I may say things like he was a very articulate, sensitive, genuine, and well spoken person. I would not stereotype him or her simply due to their skin color, but in fact would be able to identify that everyone is different. I would identify that we all have unique qualities and features, unique talents, strengths, and even shortcomings. Being able to identify these kinds of things would help decipher your cognitive complexity. Obviously some people will be able to identify more of these traits and qualities then others. These gifted people whom are able to do so we would just say have more or greater cognitive complexity....
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