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CRIM 4700 Test 2 Luckey - CRIM 4700 TEST 2 LUCKEY We...

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CRIM 4700 TEST 2 LUCKEY September 20, 2007 We reviewed the test! September 25, 2007 CHAPTER 4 PSYCOLOGICAL THEORIES OF CRIME Most people consider criminals to “not be right in the head.” The core of these theories is such that people who commit crimes are thinking and acting differently than the rest of us. How do criminals see the world? Poor socialization is one explanation for crime. This leads to criminals being unable to understand the harm that they cause. Criminals may not understand the difference between right and wrong. RESTORATIVE JUSTICE makes criminals come face-to-face with the victim. This has proven to be very successful with juveniles. Blame is placed on three factors: 1. SOCIALIZATION EXPERIENCE which means were you taught to get along with others? 2. Some traumatic event that cause them to process information differently. 3. A physical problem with their brain. These theories assume that we can fix the psychological defect through rehab. Rehab practices ended in the late 90’s because criminals were being diagnosed improperly. Psychoanalytic perspective is based on Freud. It is a theory of personality. There are three parts to a personality: 1. The ID is the unsocialized part of your personality. It expects instant gratification and only knows the wants and needs of the individual. 2. The SUPEREGO is the conscience part of your personality. 3. The EGO is a balance between the ID and the SUPEREGO.
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In a well-adjusted person, all three are balanced. When one dominates the other two, you engage in deviant behavior. The ID and the SUPEREGO are considered your UNCONSCIOUS MIND. The EGO is considered your CONSCIOUS MIND. Crime results from one of three situations: o The ID runs your personality, therefore you do as you please. o We skipped the other two. Three factors must be in place in order for crime to emerge: o The individual must want immediate gratification. o The id is in control. o The individual must have lack of guilt concerning his actions. A CRIMINAL PERSONALITY means that some people experience errors of thinking that lead them to have an outlook on the social world that accept criminal behavior. This theory was created by two researchers. The LIFESTYLE PERSPECTIVE focuses on the way your act. o IRRESPONSIBILITY is the general unwillingness for individuals to see themselves as accountable for their own behavior. o SELF-INDULGENCE is the tendency to put your own desires and wants ahead of any concerns for others. o INTERPERSONAL INTRUSIVENESS says that criminals ignore everyone else and ignore regard for others.
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