Final Short Story

Final Short Story - Crime of Passion Good God this cell is...

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Crime of Passion Good God this cell is cold. I’m freezing my ass off in here. I guess I would figure being so close to death that I could have a little comfort. I guess the world doesn’t work that way. My name is Claudia Cooper. I live at 48 Trailblazer Ct. in Knoxville. I have a wonderful husband, Tom, and two very intelligent children. How I came to be here at the Tennessee State Prison isn’t because I’m a bad person—I’m just a little jealous and protective. I am telling my story because I will soon be gone a long way from here. Far from this state, far from this country, far from this world. This evening at 6:00 PM Central Time, I will be executed by lethal injection for a crime that should never have been committed. A Nice Community My husband Tom works for a prestigious law firm in Knoxville: Whelchel, May, & Embrey. He does well for our family, because I don’t work. We live in the cul-de-sac on Trailblazer Ct. along with the Park’s, the Black’s, the Harbison’s, and the Andrews’. For years we have all lived in our little section of the neighborhood in relative peace. Our children play together and we all have cocktails on Thursday evenings. We women have the same taste in cocktails…apple martinis. The guys always have the same thing as well, scotch on the rocks.
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Our children have all been friends since birth. They have gone to school together, played together, and done little league together. I guess all of us mothers qualify as the soccer-mom stereotype. Whenever somebody is about to be executed, they are allowed to have whatever they wish for their last meal. I am glad the warden allowed me to have my family join me for dinner. For supper, I choose chicken parmesan for Tom and me, and they let me choose Kraft mac n’ cheese for the kids. Not the cheap EZ Mac, but the real stuff from the blue box. And here we sit, eating as a family one last time. We didn’t speak. It’s hard to find things to talk about when I know that this will be the last time I see my family. Tom is a good father and he
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Final Short Story - Crime of Passion Good God this cell is...

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