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ethics12 - chances of it are not very high This is also not...

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HW #12 I do not think I would approve the Maxistop study. The reason for this is that they are going to use a sugar pill as a placebo instead of the lesser drug on the market. It also seems like the drug will be not much different than the other drugs already marketed. I also feel that the hospital only wants to do the study for selfish reasons to benefit themselves. One objection to this might be that this drug could potentially be a big improvement over the other drugs and help many people. To this I would say that that is true but the
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Unformatted text preview: chances of it are not very high. This is also not a life threatening condition so if this particular hospital does not approve the study it will not be harming anyone. Another objection might be that the hospital could benefit from having the study. I would point out that although the money would benefit the hospital there are better ways to get money than exploiting people and trying to prey on there insecurities. The hospital should care about helping people, instead of helping themselves....
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