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HW #8 In the case of Jill first I would realize that what she was asking of me was an ethical issue. There are a few different ways to look at it and that needs to be considered. I would need to think about how what she wants would affect her as well as others. Next I would think about the big problem that needs to be solved. That is the fact that what Jill is asking me to do is illegal and also that it is not definite that she is in the right state of mind to be making these kinds of decisions. Next I would need to think of the options. The options seem to be agreeing to Jill’s request, denying Jill’s requesting or trying to find a middle ground like offering to give her some form of medication to help her through the pain and leaving the dosage up to her. With all three of my options I would have to think of whether or not they agree with the three ethical questions. Agreeing to Jill’s request would follow one of the questions and possibly two but definitely not all of them. Denying Jill’s request would
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