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ethics14 - not do this is getting their life taken away to...

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HW #14 According to Harris some of the advantages of his proposal are that it would take the life and death decisions out of the doctors hands. Also it would cause more people to live than it would die and there would be more people living into old age. I do agree that these could be advantages but I do not think they are big enough to outweigh the disadvantages. I can not think of any other advantages. Some reasons not to implement this are the constant fear that it will give people. People will never know when they may or may not be called upon to give up their life. Another reason is that the people who are receiving the organs may be people who destroyed their organ and now a person who did
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Unformatted text preview: not do this is getting their life taken away to give the other person a second organ to ruin. Silverberg’s society has some things in common with Harris’s. Both are instituting some kind of draft for organs. They also both seem to be focusing on keeping the elderly alive longer. Some of the differences are that Harris’s plan involves killing people but with Silverberg’s the only organs taken are ones you are able to live without. Another difference is that there are ranks of who is eligible for organs and rewards when you are drafted to give one. Also someone can choose to give their life and have all their organs taken....
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