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ethics13 - than many people would lose their lives since...

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HW #13 I feel that if I was in this situation I would take both boys knowing what their fate would be if I did not. I think that I would displace Marti and Tom. One of the reasons for this is that the other three candidates do not seem to be a good idea to move. If Joey is moved it will have serious court problems. If Jessica is moved they may have legal problems and it might seriously affect her recovery. If Rogers’s respirator is removed
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Unformatted text preview: than many people would lose their lives since they needed the transplants from him to live. Tom is never going to recover and there is nothing else that can be done for him. Marti will also be in the state she is in for the rest of her life. It makes the most sense to move those two since the benefits of accepting the two drowning boys outweigh the risks of moving the two patients....
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