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Anthropology 150: Ancient Civilizations Winter Intersession Online Instructor: Katie Dambach Email: kdambach@anthro.umass.edu Virtual office hours: M-F 12-1pm EST and by appointment (via VISTA) AIM screen name: KKarch55 24/7 UMass Online Help Desk and Technical Support Phone: 1.800.569.6505 Email: amherstsupport@umassonline.net See www.amherst.umassonline.net for live text support and related information. Course readings: There will be no text book for this class. Instead there are weekly readings on VISTA that you will need to print. Grading break-down: Class Journals (28 points each x 10) 288 points (30%) Online discussions (16 points each x 2 readings x 9) 288 points (30%) Final exam (96 x 2 parts) 192 points (20%) Online homework assignments (4 at 48 points each) 192 points (20%) Total points: 960 points The focus of this class is to: Become archaeologically conscious, by understanding the sub-discipline of archaeology, including it’s history and theories Explore ancient civilizations throughout the world Apply the content of the course to reflect on the “American civilization” when possible VISTA Students will be expected to use VISTA for this course. The VISTA login page is at http://www.oit.umass.edu/webct/index.html . All of the readings for the course will need to be accessed and printed from the VISTA 4 page for the course.
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Teaching strategies and philosophy for this course: 1. This class is incredibly accelerated, which means that you will need to be on task for the next 3 weeks. I expect that you will need to spend at least 4-5 hours a day (including some time on weekends) to complete this course in 3 weeks. I have cut this course down significantly from normal 14 week classes, but it is still quite a bit to do in 3 weeks. If you spend the time daily completing your tasks you should do great. I have tried to lay this course out very logically for you as well, which should make things as easy as possible. 2. I will be utilizing screen casting during this class, which means that you can open the PowerPoint lecture that I would have given in a traditional class and follow along with a digital recording of my voice inserted into the PowerPoint. This will allow you to hear the lectures and understand them by looking at the screen and following along with me. There will be between about 1 ½ to 2 hours of screen casting per unit that you will have to listen to in order to understand the unit. This will be as if you have come to a lecture class if this class had not been online. 3. I have also given you websites that will compliment the unit topic. Please use these websites to help bolster your understanding of the topic. These websites will be part of your Virtual Homework Assignments (VHA). You will need to pick 4 of these assignments to do throughout the course, one is due each week (see at-a-glance syllabus). For example, for VHA # 1, you must look at the Webliography on VISTA for either Unit 1 or 2. I will give you a standard
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150-syllabus-online2[1] - Anthropology 150: Ancient...

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