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SPRING 2008 DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION POLICY RESEARCH ADMINISTRATION SCHOOL OF EDUCATION EDUC 229: INTRODUCTION TO INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION Course Schedule # 54940 Lecture and Discussion Time: Tuesday 4:00 PM to 6:30 PM Lecture: Goesmann Lab 64 Discussion Sections: Rooms TBA Course Instructor: Dr. Joanie Cohen-Mitchell Email: [email protected] (will be returned within 48 hours) Office Hours: By appointment Teaching Assistants’ Office : 464 Hills House South Office Hours : TAs will provide their office hours at the start of semester. ____________________________________________________________________________ C OURSE D ESCRIPTION Education is a powerful force that spurs national growth and development. The course attempts to develop and encourage an understanding of educational problems shared through the interconnected and continuously globalizing "developed" and "developing" world. Students are introduced to a variety of environments in which education takes place and are asked to analyze learning, education and development in non-U.S. and non-western settings. The course also provides perspectives of Third World history and development as they relate to education and learning. Topics that you will study in this course include: 1) Non-Western educational perspectives, traditions and approaches; 2) Colonialism and its impact on education and learning; and 3) Dilemmas and issues in education and international development _______________________________________________________________________________ G OALS OF THE C OURSE To develop awareness and understanding of other cultures , countries, and peoples from various cultural, social, geographic, political, and economic points of view. To develop understanding of the role of education in global, social, political and economic development. To develop the ability to think logically and critically , and to apply knowledge from multiple disciplines to many different contexts. To develop your ability to reflect on, understand, and respond to complex international and intercultural issues relating to education and development. To develop the ability to locate, identify, and use sources of information from multiple disciplines to understand and address issues related to education. To read a range of texts related to education and international development issues and to engage those texts and the issues that they raise - verbally , and in writing . _________________________________________________________________________________ R EQUIRED R EADINGS Textbooks available at the Textbook Annex 1. Non Western Educational Traditions Alternative Approaches to Educational Thought and Practice (3 rd edition) by Timothy Reagan 2. The No-Nonsense Guide to International Development by Maggie Black ED 229- Spring 2008 Page 1
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3. Education Under Occupation: The Heavy Price of Living in a Neocolonialzed and Globalized World by Pierre Orelus. Many of the readings will be available on-line at http://e-reserves.library.umass.edu
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