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ethics1 - I feel this way because it is obvious that the...

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HW #1 I think that he should be allowed to leave the hospital, but maybe with a few conditions. I think that some sort of home nursing/home hospice situation should be set up so that the patient can be at home, but still receiving enough care to keep him comfortable. If I was the attending physician and these conditions could be met than I feel that I would let the patient leave the hospital.
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Unformatted text preview: I feel this way because it is obvious that the patient is in a bad condition to begin with. He is older and has clearly lived his life. He understands the consequences and just wants to be able to die in his home which is understandable. I feel that I would want to respect my patient’s wishes since it is obvious that not much can be done for him and that he is in a good state of mind....
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