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HW#5 Feldman’s main conclusion seems to be that any form of suicide, assisted or unassisted, is going against God so it is wrong because you should not go against God. He argues for this conclusion by giving examples such as the fact that it has been said that God gave us life, and so helping someone to take away this life would be going against Gods original plan of giving it to us and what he wanted us to do with it. I do not think I agree with this conclusion. Although I feel that physician assisted
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Unformatted text preview: suicide is a very complex issue with many different sides, I do not think focusing so much on the God aspect of it us a good idea. The main reason for this is because many people do not believe in a higher power and therefore will not understand this argument. I do also believe that physician assisted suicide is wrong because it opens up to many problems and the debate of who should and should not be able to receive aid from their physician for their death....
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