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ethics6 - than the respirator should be turned off When a...

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HW #6 It is very difficult to know which decision is in the best interest of both Marta and Ed. If Ed’s wishes and statements regarding this type of situation are being regarded then the respirator should be turned off. Ed said that he did not want to be a burden and whether Marta considers it to be one or not, the money necessary to keep Ed alive by artificial means will be a financial burden. Ed also expressed that he did not want to be holding on to life because of a machine. Well being on a respirator is doing exactly that. Therefore if Ed’s wishes/thoughts, although they were not official, are being followed
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Unformatted text preview: than the respirator should be turned off. When a decision is made regarding whether or not the respirator will be turned off then a decision has to be made about organ donation. If Ed’s wishes are being followed then his organs should be donated. Ed signed an organ donation form and had the sticker for it on his license. This shows that if anything were to happen to him he wants his organs to be donated so help others. Therefore, Ed’s organs should be donated....
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