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HW #9 I do not think that Dr. Neville provided Leon and his wife enough information to make an informed decision. I think he should have mentioned the chance of coma, as small as it may have been because that may have changed there minds about doing it right away, or about getting a second opinion. By making it seem so simple he was making the family feel secure, but he was also making them feel like looking into other courses of action wasn’t necessary. I do not think any amount of information would have been too much information because the family needed to be as informed as possible to
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Unformatted text preview: make their decisions. I do think however that he should not make it seem like the condition needed immediate attention or his immediate involvement because that scares the family into not seeking alternatives. I also do not think he should make it seem like if they do not agree with his course of action that they are doing something bad to the patient since even doctors can be wrong and it is ultimately there decision what they chose to do, even if the doctor does not think it is best....
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