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HW 16 Case one is about a woman who has abruptio placenta and needs a c- section. She agrees to have the c-section but she is a Jehovah’s Witness so she does not want to have any transfusions. The baby is delivered fine via the c-section and she has only the normal amount of blood loss but then she developed a problem where her blood would not clot properly and she needed a transfusion but she refused any blood transfusions or blood products knowing she would die without them. Her husband agreed with her. He works and gets welfare and they already have six children. If his wife dies he says he, his older children and his wife’s mother will
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Unformatted text preview: raise the baby. According to Strong the right thing to do in this case is to get a court order to give the mother the transfusions. Strong argues for this judgment by saying that the degree of harm to the children is significant if they only had one parent. He also weighed the physical and emotional pain to the patient over the possible outcomes. I do not agree with Strong’s verdict. I feel that the wife’s wishes should be respected. There could be serious emotional consequences for the mother and the family if she is given the transfusion because of the family’s strong religious views....
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