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Amundson 1 Jessica Amundson Nina Alton WRIT 1301-013 14 February 2008 Hyperreality in Context An understood concept to everyone that has ever existed is the almost subconscious understanding of reality. You can’t live and not experience reality. Reality can be a kind of hard concept to grasp, because our perception of it is so abnormal. It’s such a natural thing in our lives, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to fit it into the definition of life itself. Reality is life, everything involved in life such as the choices you make, the friends you have, the food you eat, the school you attend, and anything and everything around you is reality. So what exactly is hyperreality? Umberto Eco, author of Travels in Hyperreality, would define this by “the authentic fake.” Depending on ones interpretation of the term, hyperreality has a wide range of subjects. Prime examples of hyperreality would be reality TV and computer animation movies, which are appealing due to there personally identifiable “realistic” traits, in juxtaposition to the fabricated quality of the “realistic” setting. Reality TV and movies, is unarguably hyperreality at its finest, as Eco would more than likely agree. The use of hyperreality in movies and also in televison makes it much more favorable to the public then actual reality. It’s kind of funny how different shows on TV are claimed as reality television. The shows are produced to act like real life situations, but who would watch TV about normal people who wake up in the morning, go to work all day, eat a few meals, have a few drinks maybe and go to bed. Not very interesting if you ask me, I wouldn’t waste my
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Amundson 2 day watching normal people going about their own boring day. This is why reality TV is
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writessay1 - Amundson 1 Jessica Amundson Nina Alton WRIT...

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