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theology paper 1 - Patrick Nerney The creation of mankind...

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Patrick Nerney The creation of mankind is a topic that has been talked about forever. No one really knows how we came to be. Ancient people decided they would come up with their own versions of what happened and are now documented in the Bible and several other sources for ancient literature. This is going to provide evidence of why some consider Genesis 1 and 2 are thought of as two different creation stories and also explain the meaning of life, who we are, who god is, and what is this world that we live in from when they were written to today. Creation is a area of human confusion that demands a reasonable explanation. Most scholars consider Genesis 1 and 2 two different creation stories because god is portrayed as almost two different characters in each. In Genesis 1 god is shown a commander. He speaks and we have light, he speaks again and we have animals, and he speaks one more time and we have stars. It seems like he has no connection to the people in the world except for the fact that he created them. Generously, he does give them his power to share on Earth, but it is obvious that god is still in charge. In Genesis 2 god creates man from the dust of the earth and breathes the breathe of life into him. He then puts him in the Garden of Eden, so the man can cultivate the land. He realizes that the has certain needs which god did not fulfill. He decides the man needs a companion, so he makes animals t ojoin the man in the garden, but that does not solve the problem. Finally god realizes he needs to make a companion that the man, Adam, can correspond and connect with. He made Adam sleep and took a rib form him to make a woman. Now that man was happy with his partner he could live normally. God forgave them for mistakes they made and gave them clothes when they were naked. He acted much like a father
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figure. The, “Gods,” in each story seem to act too different form one another to be considered one complete creation story. The god we came to know in Genesis 1 was
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theology paper 1 - Patrick Nerney The creation of mankind...

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