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Topic Proposal Essay 2 - that still works We as readers...

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Patrick Dunbar Suzanne Jamir ENC 1102 15 February 2008 Topic Proposal In “On Dumpster Diving” Eighner remains unemotional, and it causes the reader to feel unsympathetic toward him. He paints a picture of a homeless society within a larger economic society. Instead of money, wealth is determined by the type of food he eats, whether he can find a new pair of shoes, or if someone threw away something useful
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Unformatted text preview: that still works. We as readers also see that dumpster divers are willing to help each other by leaving useful things in plain sight. Like an economic society, there are social levels amongst the homeless, and each social level has standards. In this essay, I will show how wealth is gained in the homeless world and what wealth means to different levels of homelessness....
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