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HIST 2111 EXAM #2 STUDY GUIDE - Hist2111 Exam#2 Study Guide...

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Hist2111 Exam #2 Study Guide Chapters 6–10 Chapter 6 1. By 1786 there was a consensus that the Confederation government was inadequate for the needs of the country, but many were against forming a stronger central government. What were the fears of those who opposed a stronger central government? 2. What did the opposing groups agree were the inadequacies of the existing Confederation government? 3. How did the men who wrote the Constitution resolve the question of sovereignty with respect to where ultimate political authority rested? Why was this question important to them? 4. The writers of the Constitution were very concerned with concentrated authority in government after their experience as subjects of Britain’s king. What idea(s) did they use to protect the country from concentrated authority when writing the Constitution? 5. How did the writers of the original U.S. Constitution protect the nation from the “tyranny of the people” when designing the new national government? 6. For what purpose(s) did the authors write the Federalist Papers? Who were the authors? 7. Explain Alexander Hamilton’s ideas about how he believed the country should be governed and the role he envisioned for the federal government. 8. Explain the governing philosophy of the Federalists during the 1790s. 9. Who were the supporters of the Federalists and where were they located? 10. Which organized political group opposed the Federalists during the 1790s and what was their governing philosophy?
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11. Explain Thomas Jefferson’s vision for America. How did it differ from Alexander Hamilton’s? 12. How did leaders respond to the Whiskey Rebellion in 1794? 13. What role did George Washington play? 14. What is meant by the “Revolution of 1800”? Chapter 7 15. Describe the Republican vision of America as proposed by Thomas Jefferson. Thomas
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HIST 2111 EXAM #2 STUDY GUIDE - Hist2111 Exam#2 Study Guide...

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