PC#2-Grassroots Antiabortion

PC#2-Grassroots Antiabortion - The Grassroots Abortion War...

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The Grassroots Abortion War a Time magazine article by Nancy Gibbs As reported by Nancy Gibbs in the cover article of a February issue of Time magazine, it seems as though there is more to the abortion war than what is covered daily in the news. It’s not all protests and riots; it’s not all murder and threats of abortion doctors. It actually possesses a more civilized face—and can be happening calmly at your local Pregnancy-center clinic. Specifically focused on in the article is one Pregnancy-center clinic in North Caroling run by Deborah Woods. The difference between the more publicized face of the war on abortion and hers, she explains, is that her team does not rely on the law to change a woman’s opinion, but rather on “changing hearts”. Instead of big-talk and political legislature thrown in one’s face, Wood’s uses kind and non-judgmental logic to win over one conscience at a time. By using the simple techniques of showing a young woman her baby in an ultrasound before the procedure, showing a mother the exact size of her growing fetus, or offering assistance in navigating the murky waters of social-care bureaucracy, Woods and her allies are effective in transforming the growing body inside a young girl from a ball of unwanted cells to a
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PC#2-Grassroots Antiabortion - The Grassroots Abortion War...

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