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Timothy White Concept Review Excel Pg. 42 1. Paste Button 2. Copy Button 3. Insert Function Button 4. Auto Fill options 5. Cursor 6. Fill Button 7. Sum Button 8. Launcher (b. Item on Ribbon that opens a dialog box or task pane. 9. Formula AutoComplete (d. Displays an alphabetical list of functions from which you can choose. 10. Drag-and-Drop (c. Lets you move data from one cell to another without using the clipboard. 11. Fill Handle (e. Lets you copy cell contents or continue a series of data into a range of selected cells.
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Unformatted text preview: 12. [Delete] (a. Clears the contents of selected cells. 13. What type of cell reference changes when it is copied? (c. Relative 14. What type of cell reference is C$19? (b. Absolute 15. Which key do you press to convert a relative cell reference to an absolute cell reference? (b. [F4] 16. You can use any of the following features to enter a function except: (d. Clipboard 17. Which key do you press to copy while dragging-and dropping selected cells? (b. [ctrl]...
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