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Marquese Gilliam Advertising -1 WK5 Assignment 1
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Unformatted text preview: Individual Work 1 WEEK #5 Individual Work Advertising - 1 MAR 2320 Professor Kingly Marquese Gilliam February 16, 2013 Individual Work 1 What aspects of ZMET and focus groups are similar? How do they differ? A focus group is a diverse group of people brought together to participate in a guided discussion about a particular product before it is introduced to a larger group of individuals. On the other hand the ZMET technique is used to stimulate a persons consciences and unconscious mind about a product through imagery. It is a technique that is used in research to tell a story or put pictures into words. So, how they are similar would be that both techniques involve people, both techniques will cause people to give a response as to how or what the product means to them, both techniques are geared towards stimulation of the mind, and lastly, both techniques are graded by the participants at the end. Now on the other hand they differ because the ZMET usually has the group to capture their feelings in a picture and the study groups are usually given...
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