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1Final Study Guide Lecture Material (200) This militant group was patterned after the Black Panthers and represented a defense of students during the LA school walkouts. *Brown Berets (500) Reies Lopez Tijerina emphasizes this in his organized rallies for a Free liberated New Mexico *Reclamation of land :since 1848 lands taken away from them (300) Ethnic and cultural nationalism comprises one political philosophy of this movement *Chicanismo (400) Return to an indigenous past, activists feeling secure about their identity, and an emphasis on the powerful aspects of being Mexican, speaking Spanish could come under the heading of this -ism word: *Ethnic or cultural nationalism (300) The crucial years of El Movimiento: *1965-75 (100) The movimiento calls for internal, external, or internal and external changes. *both (300 each) Part two: These are two examples of internal/external changes the movimiento called for -re-name themselves -against melting pot -system should be transformed -rejects emphasis on acculturation/integration -promotes a more separate nationalism oppositional struggle against racism/subordination External Causes for movement: civil rights movements, anti-war movements -civil rights anti-war (100) The movement is militant. True or false (300) Commencement of this movement inspires Chicano movement *farm workers struggles (200) Many protest movements occur at the same time of this US military engagement *Vietnam War
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(300) This poem by Corky Gonzales was read at Movement activities and helps to construct a Chicano nationalist identity *I am Joaquin (100) Colonialism that takes places within the United States is referred to as this: *Internal colonialism (200) This activity addressed the tracking of Mex Americans to vocational schools and
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FINAL STUDY GUIDE - Final Study Guide Lecture Material(200...

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