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study_guide_midterm - Jeopardy Midterm 1 Aztlan as a symbol...

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Jeopardy Midterm 1) Aztlan as a symbol represents these two meanings: a) Geographic region known as Southwest (lost in the Treaty of Guadalupe). B) Spiritual Union of the Chicanos 2) This iconic symbol represents Aztlan: An eagle sitting on a cactus devouring a snake/serpent 3) Aztlan resurfaces as a myth in writing in what period: 1960's; 1969= El Plan Spiritual de Aztlan 4) The Immigrant Era refers to which time period? 1900-30 5) The Mexican Era refers to which time period? 1930-1960 6) The Chicano Era refers to what period? 1960's-70's 7) Although a geographical term, this word has taken on a socially symbolic meaning that reflects historical variations in how people relate to issues of ethnic and cultural nationalism, acculturation, class position, and race consciousness. The Border Immigrant Era: 8) Mexicans sought refuge from the Mexican Revolution in this era: 9) This era had to endure the consequences of conquest through loss of land, second-class citizenship, labor exploitation, and racial oppression. 10) Nineteenth- century Mexican communities become predominantly immigrant ones in this period: 11) The Los Angeles newspaper La Opinion forms public opinion around the following ideas in this era: Mexican National pride; Mexican ethnicity and culture transcend the border; the belief that Mexicans would return to Mexico once economic and political stability was restored. 12) An emphasis on national rather than regional pride exists in this time period 13)A unity between Mexican nationals and Mexican-Americans is encouraged by the press in this period: 14) The border in this period represents hope for Mexico’s future and the idea that Mexican immigrants will contribute to la patria. 15) The newspaper in this period found it unacceptable for Mexicans to become US citizens, even for purposes of AFL union benefits:
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16) This era, as reflected in La Opinion, encouraged a separate Mexican educational system, an emphasis on the retention of the Spanish language, and other cultural retentions, such as music: 17) The term “Mexico de Afuera” is used in the newspaper of this era 18) This era finds an opinion favoring Pan-Americanism, a Latin American unity.
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