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wed. feb 6th notes

wed. feb 6th notes - Ringshout first string religious...

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Dance 35 Wednesday February 6 th , 2008 Katherine Dunham: Shango Function: worship dance to Orisha, educational, and self expressive dance. Youriba: supplied a lot of slaves to the Americas and very influential in African culture. Self Expression for Dunham. Theatrical presentation inspired by voodoo. Become possessed with dance/Orisha. Eleo Pomare performed Druggy in the 1960’s (a universal human theme): Self expression Believed the idea of African dance was “bullshit”. Two strings of African Dance: 1. Self Expression for benefit of the dancers. 2. Europeans conquer, dance becomes for the benefit of the audience.
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Unformatted text preview: Ringshout: first string, religious. Cakewalk: Second string, for the benefit of the audience. Minstrel performances: white people painted their faces black and did satirical performances portraying black people. Arthur Mitchell: black classical ballet dancer, started the African American Ballet School in the 1960’s. Katherine Dunham and Pearl Primus Ailey (1959): created company. Michelle Nichels: Star Trek (1960’s) Joins Dace Company of Harlem 1971: Starts Dance Theatre of Harlem...
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