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Mon mar 3rd notes - Swan Lake Original version-Both are based on escaping evil[Von Roth Gard Achieve realm of higher forms Von Roth Gard casts a

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Dance 35 Monday March 3, 2008 Louis XIV established his court at Versailles. He had party dancing and dance performances. Political Function. Ballet de la Nuit Represents the parts of day, especially night. Fear of chaos, nature, and the untamed world. Louis XIV played Apollo the sun god [life and reason]. 1680-1720: rapid increase in the athleticism of ballet. In 1820 we started to see the dance style that we would recognize as ballet. Until 1850-1860 France was the center of ballet. Opera became more popular and ballet less popular in france around the second half of the 19 th century. Shift of Ballet: Russia 2 nd half of 19 th century: ballet shifted to Russia with Marius Peti Pa. Russian Revolution in 1917. Why did Russia accept aristocratic ballet? Marx’s communism was a utopian philosophy. It was idealistic. Classical ballet was a way to represent those human ideals of a perfect society.
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Unformatted text preview: Swan Lake Original version-Both are based on escaping evil. [Von Roth Gard]. Achieve realm of higher forms. Von Roth Gard casts a spell on the maidens to turn them into swans. Odeete: White swan princess that Sigfried [the prince] falls in love with. Pas de deux: you always find that performed in ballet. Corps de Ballet: A group of dancers. Convention. Geometric movements. All are doing the same thing. There is a big party where the prince has to choose his bride. Von Roth Gard disguises his daughter Odeele [black swan] to trick the prince. Von Roth Gard will get his power back only if he destroys the prince and Odeete’s love. So he needs the prince to declare his love to Odeele. Prince finds out and ends up with Odeete....
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