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Mon Feb 4th notes - Folklorico Ritual Azteca Founders of ancient Mexican city feathers on heads and bells on ankles leaf hats Music Mariachi A lot

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Dance 35 Monday February 4 th , 2008 Irish dance was influenced by Flamenco/African Dance. African-American Dance Ostrich (1932) Harlem Renaissance Choreographer was Dafore. NOT an African American dance. It was made by African-Americans, but there are many things about it that are not African. African Dance and African culture is not primitive. Both are highly sophisticated. Mandiani (Chuck Davis Dance Co.). Highly articulate use of the body. More energy, dynamics, power, freedom, and spontaneity. Mexican Dance A distant relative of Kathak
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Unformatted text preview: Folklorico Ritual Azteca Founders of ancient Mexican city, feathers on heads and bells on ankles, leaf hats. Music: Mariachi A lot of folklorico is couples dancing because of the emphasis on individualism and the 19 th century European Influence (Waltz). Flamenco: serious, passion, struggle, pain. Folklorico: Upbeat, joyous. 10 provinces and 31 states in Mexico. [random] Influences from flamenco, Irish, German, native Mexican Indians, Spanish, and Kathak....
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