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dance 35 notes - One woman dancing for 4 or more hours...

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Dance 35 7-8 Classical Indian Styles: Kathak-Noth Central Indian. Bharata Natyam Odissi Manipuri They are very difficult and must be studied for many years. There is a vocabulary of steps. Bharata Natyam: Karana: pose. Religious. Karanas and Anglaharas 3 different sections: 1. Pure Dance: No story, only the beauty of the dance. 2. Dramatic: Stories based on the life of Krishna. 3 God head: Shiva is the god of organization and structure. Krishna is the earthly manifestation of Vishnu’s mercy. She is the goddess of love. She gives up her ego and takes human form to live on planet Earth. Gopi: Milk maidens living with Krishna. Lilas: Sorties about Krishna making love to the Gopi. Devadasa: Temple dancers, Bharata dancers, highly regarded. 3. Expression: depiction of the 8 rasa [emotions]): love, hate jealousy, fear, anger…
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Unformatted text preview: One woman dancing for 4 or more hours. Transitions from one move to the next are rigid. Has great precision: hits the same movements the same way every time. Juru: teachers of classical Indian dance. Faster than Odissi. Odissi is softer and more feminine. More use of space than in Odissi. More facial expression. Murdungham: drum style. Classical dances are supported by royalty or aristocracy. Content is religious and also about stories that reinforce the patriarchal worldview. Kathak: Delhi, India. Bols: Rythymic syllables. He wears more bells than anyone else. Solo, but sometimes a duet with a man or woman. Lots of turning and footwork. Drummer playing “tabla”. Mahabharata: war story. Ramayana: Story of Rama and Sita [wife] where Rama saves Sita....
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dance 35 notes - One woman dancing for 4 or more hours...

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