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hip hop and butoh

hip hop and butoh - Delves deep into our darkest inner...

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Dance 35 Wednesday March 12 th , 2008 Rennie Harris: Modern Hip Hop Street hip-hop dancer. Company=Pure Movement [established in the early 1990’s]. He adapted the hip-hop dance for the stage. He tells stories and social commentary through dance. Modern dance: Individualism, expression, theatrical. Connects hip-hop back to African dances like the Cakewalk. Endangered Species (1998): Very different from modern ballet dancers. “Gang banging” social commentary. Butoh: Japanese Modern Dance Modern dance at its extreme. Classical ballet is oriented towards the sky. Butoh is directed towards the Earth [the Earth is the source of life]. Butoh deals with the exact opposite of ballet.
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Unformatted text preview: Delves deep into our darkest inner recesses. Takes something that is inside all of us and beings it out for the world to see. Hijikata: created Butoh in the 1950’s. Pantheism: Spirits are in nature and there are many spirits or gods. “Toh”: stamping into the Earth to connect with spirits. Sex, porn, and other bad things all lay inside of us even if we try to hide it. Byouh: Traditional Japanese Dance Sophisticated, restrained, and classical. Still has that same strange energy that we get from Butoh. Inwardness, like the dancer went through a strange trauma. Strange withdrawal....
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