Week_1_Guide - Psychology 1 Introduction to Psychology...

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Unformatted text preview: Psychology 1 Introduction to Psychology Winter Quarter, 2008 Reading Guide for Chapters 1 and 2, pp. 1 63 Week 1 This sheet is fairly comprehensive, but you should always refer back to the official fair game sheet posted online. Example Think of an everyday example demonstrating the concept. Better yet, relate it to pop culture, college life, or your own life! Chapter 1 What is Psychology? 1. Determinism vs. Free will a. Determinism i. In your words our behavior is caused by something else, everything we do has causes, behavior is predictable ii. Example b. Free will i. In your words your independent decisions control your behavior ii. Example 2. Mind/Brain Problem: Monism vs. Dualism a. Dualism i. In your words mind and brain are separate, but the mind controls the brain/body. ii. Example b. Monism i. In your words mind and brain are one. ii. Example 3. Nature vs. Nurture a. In your words heredity vs environment (where you are from) affecting behavior b. Example 4. Types of Psychologists a. Developmental study how behavior changes with age b. Learning/Motivation studies how past behavior influences current behavior c. Cognitive studies thought and knowledge. d. Biopsychologist explains behavior using science e. Evolutionary explains behavior using evolution history f. Social/Cultural studies how you influence others and how others influence you 5. Types of Service Psychologists a. Clinical help people with psychological problems b. Psychiatry same as clinical, but can prescribe drugs. c. Psychoanalysts use ideas of Freud to provide therapy d. Counseling help people with decisions e. Industrial/Organizational study of people at work f. Ergonomics help design machinery so its easier for regular people to use g. School make an education plan for students and help them follow it Chapter 2 Scientific Methods in Psychology 1. Induction vs. Deduction (neither are completely certain, induction is only one used)Induction vs....
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Week_1_Guide - Psychology 1 Introduction to Psychology...

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