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Mike KNES370 S Journal 1 - Michael Nugent SID: 108948006...

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Michael Nugent SID: 108948006 Section 0107 Mondays 11 a.m. March 29, 2008 Journal #1 1) The activity I would consider myself to be “skillful” at is playing soccer. There are several factors that contribute to being a skillful soccer player. First, shooting a soccer ball requires one to be able to balance on their planted foot while the entire body is putting energy into striking the ball with a great amount of force. Fortunately, I seem to have very good balance. Balance is developed most when we first start walking as infants, but is mastered later. This is a gross motor skill that is an extremely important part of being an effective soccer player. Furthermore, having good foot-eye coordination may be one of the most important characteristics of being a skilled soccer player. Obviously it helps to be able to hit the ball with your foot when it is on the ground, but a more skillful soccer player will apply his advanced foot-eye coordination in a more complex situation, such as kicking a ball while it is in mid-air and making solid contact with it. This requires, as does any skill, a great amount of practice to master, and
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Mike KNES370 S Journal 1 - Michael Nugent SID: 108948006...

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