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Timothy White Study Tips Pg. 241 #’s: 15 and 17 Pg. 297 #’s: 3, 5, and 6 15. A Recovery disk a CD or DVD that contains copy of your computers hard disk. A DOS boot disk allows you to boot into dos instead of windows. 17. I would plan for some one to use different types of back ups to complete the job. I would start with a full back up and the do an differential back up and then a incremental backup and last I would remind them to back up there windows registry. 3. PANs- Personal Area Network Ex: PAN is used to transfer data wirelessly to PDA or printer NANs- Neighborhood Area Network Ex: Local coffee shops with internet access
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Unformatted text preview: LANs- Local Area Network Ex: School computer labs MANs- Metropolitan Area Network Ex: Local Internet providers WANs- Wide Area Network Ex: Used with nation wide banks 5. 6. Wired Network Cable – Direct and easy set-up but wires can be damaged or can clutter an area. Wireless Network Card – A card that allows you to connect to a router wirelessly. Can be difficult to hook up sometimes. USB Port Wi-Fi – A wireless receiver that conveniently fits directly into a USB port....
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