Rhetorical Analysis of Sicko

Rhetorical Analysis of Sicko - Katie Whelley English 101...

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Katie Whelley English 101 Rhetorical Analysis of Sicko Michael Moore’s documentary Sicko shines light on the corrupt health insurance industry in America and how it affects people all over the country. His film is inspired by the thousands of people in America who are left without proper medical care either because they cannot afford health insurance or because their healthcare provider makes it impossible for them to get proper medical attention. To help drive the point of his documentary Moore mainly uses real life experiences from the people he interviews about how the healthcare industry has wronged them. Moore also sprinkle’s throughout the film congressional hearings and clips from Presidents and presidential advisors to further prove the crookedness of the industry. Moore mainly relies on pathos in order to get the audiences attention. The first scene in the movie shows a man who has severely injured himself. He is stitching up his own deep wound because he cannot afford to go to the hospital because he does not have insurance. Basically Moore tries to gross out the audience to grab their attention while at the same time making the audience sympathize with this man who cannot afford to go to the hospital because his lack of insurance. Most of Moore’s ethos is derived from his pathos. His research contains mainly of the interviews he holds with people who have been affected by the health insurance industry. The way Moore sets up his film is very effective. He is able to use ethos and pathos at the same time. He establishes his credibility through his interviews and research. At the same time the interviews he uses for his research appeal greatly to the emotions of the audience by making them feel compassion for the interviewees.
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The logos of this film is very straight forward. His thesis is stated within the first
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Rhetorical Analysis of Sicko - Katie Whelley English 101...

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