Test1 Fall 2011

Solving for the columns we have g1 v u3 and g22u3v3

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Unformatted text preview: g for the columns, we have g1 =(v-u)/3 and g2=2u/3+v/3. Using these, we can evaluate the product Problem 3: Write a MATLAB function that accepts as inputs the constants a,r,x0,N and returns the values x1,…,xN in a column vector where the x’s are defined by the difference equation Solution: Here is a simple function that does the job function y=Test_Problem_3(a,r,x0,N) % This function solves the difference equation % x_(k+1)=a*x_k+r^k, x_0=x0 % and returns the first N terms in the solution x_1, ..., x_N % Default arguments if nargin<4, N=10; end; if nargin<3, x0=1; end; if nargin<2, r=1/2; end; if nargin<1, a=1/10; end; x=a*x0+r^0; % x(1) y=[x]; if N>=2 for k=1:N-1 1 x=a*x+r^k; y=[y;x]; % Creates a column of the values end; end Problem 4: Consider the difference equation conditions on a,r so that the solution xk approaches zero as k→∞. . Find ∑ Solution: As we saw in class the solution takes the form . It is clear that the term for every initial condition if and...
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