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Nicole Bellman 12/10/06 Adv. Composition Passing Judgement She sits, her cape dangling over her crossed arms, wrapped about her in a hug that she gets from no one else. Her hair, which is was recently dyed, was only done for herself. She thought about it as she sat alone at the bar last night. Her Christmas tree only made her feel lonely as she sat in the big leather chair that used to be his. She went to their old bar, her scotch on the rocks stayed half empty but she couldn’t keep track of time. Her voicemail still has both of their voices but she hasn’t figured out how to bring herself to re record it. She walks to work hoping to pass his store on the way or stop at the same news stand, but he bought his own car. She set her own alarm since she did not have his warn hand to wake her but it helps her realize that she regrets the changes she has made. She picks up her phone and the raspy ness in her voice fades to a sexy whisper as she tries to win him back, but he’s already home and the presents are under the tree. Her cheeks were glowing as she held in the news. The ring was upside down on her left
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