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Role of the Media: The fairness of the media is constantly debated by voters, candidates, and even the media themselves. Being the most non bias program running is something many news agencies like to brag about. For instance the importance of trust is evident in CNN’s own slogan, “The most trusted name in news.” However, the media is often not fair, even, or impartial. For example, Fox News has been accused for years of putting a conservative spin on news and these days the New York Times is accused of being liberally bias. The ulterior motive of the media outlet is something consumers should always take into account. There are two sides to every story; however, some outlets only choose to tell one. It doesn’t mean they’re necessarily lying, but rather withholding information for the betterment of their cause. For example Al Gore, although he is not a candidate, in many people’s eyes represent the Democratic Party. After winning his Nobel peace prize is was Fox News that hammered him for taking a private jet to his acceptance ceremony. This is not to say that credible papers like The New York Times did not mention this fact. This is to say that in situations like this when a prominent representative from a political party proves himself to be somewhat of a hypocrite, some media outlets, because of their ideology and the ideology of their viewers, will publicize it more than others. Another example of this is Mitt Romney caught in a hypocritical act when the landscaping company at his home in Massachusetts was found to be employing illegal immigrants. The New York Times publicized this while you’d be hard pressed to see one line on the Fox News ticker about it. As far as the “meta stories” go, I believe that the New York Times did a very good job in this area considering that they can’t formally support candidates. Roger Cohen did a great piece on Obama called “Obama’s American Idea” where he dispels the race issue and shows Obama, because of his character and background, to be the man to bridge the gap between ideals and practice. There were also good pieces on Giuliani as a young attorney general and Romney’s father’s effect on Romney as far as being bred for the job. The New York Times did a very good job focusing on the issues rather than the “horserace aspect” of politics. CNN and Fox News on the other hand spent too much time on the horserace. It seemed like as soon as Obama tied Clinton in the Iowa poll that was all you heard about for days. Many political experts say that what effects the primary voting of the nation most are the first few primaries. Maybe that is because CNN choices to focus on that rather than the records, ambitions, and positions of the candidates. The debates on the other hand were very good in
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a - Role of the Media: The fairness of the media is...

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