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Answers for “The Story of an Hour” 1.Protagonist- Mrs. Louise Mallard 2.Protagonist’s main characteristic –feels oppressed/desires freedom 3.other characters- Richards, Josephine, and Brently Mallard 4. Setting: a.Location- Mallard house b.Time Period- late 1800’s c.Time elapsed- one hour 5.Plot Development: a.Exposition- When they take great care to break the news to her b.Complication- the way she receives the news c.Rising Action-from the time she hears the news to the time she descends the stairs “like a goddess of Victory” d.Climax-Brently enters, Josephine screams, Louise dies e.Falling Action- none f.Resolution- Doctor comes and gives diagnosis 6.Main Conflict- internal conflict- to accept or not to accept her happiness 7.Point of View- 3rdperson limited (but detached to some degree) 8.Tone (one word) ironic, dramatic, detached
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Unformatted text preview:9. Theme (in a complete sentence) Unless people/women have free will they will never discover their own identity and will be alienated from reality. 10. foreshadowing -the setting outside of the open window foreshadows her feeling of freedom; prayer that life would be long foreshadows her death 11. Title's significance -it all happened in an hour and she was only free for that hour 12. Irony (two)- the doctors said she died of joy, ironic because she died of sadness-irony in her being excited about all of her free years ahead because she dies and never sees those years 13. Symbolism (two) -blue sky symbolizes her thoughts clearing to new thoughts -her heart disease symbolizes her emotional heart trouble -the open window- symbolizes opening to her new life